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Data Protection Policy

We will take all the necessary steps to ensure your patient information is not made available or accessible to a third party without your consent.

Data Protection Act

Patient Information

We need to hold personal information about you on our Computer System and in paper records to help us to look after your health needs. It is important to keep your record up to date by informing us of any changes to your circumstances.

We have access to all or part of your medical record to enable us to do our jobs.  These may be shared with other professionals involved in your care.  Anyone with access to your record is appropriately trained in how to manage health records.

There are some instances whereby we are mandated by law to disclose your medical records to statutory or other official bodies e.g. in the case of public health issues

To ensure we maintain your confidentiality we will not disclose information over the telephone, by email or fax unless we are sure that we are talking to you or someone nominated by you.

You have a right to access your medical records.


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Accessible Information Standards

The Accessible Information Standard tells organisations how they should make sure that disabled patients receive information in formats that they can understand and receive appropriate support to help them to communicate. All organisations that provide NHS or adult social care must follow the Accessible Information Standard by law. These standard include making sure that people get information in different formats if they need it, such as: large print, braille, easy read, email etc.

Further information can be found on NHS England’s website at: www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/patients/accessibleinfo/

Please let us know if you require any communication or information support needs.


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